Just for Fun

This page has a few facts about Wales that we hope will be of interest. If you have any interesting little known facts or places of interest that you think people should know about, please feel free to send them to us and we will try and publish them. Send to: [email protected]

Welsh Flag

Did you know that the current Welsh Flag was introduced in 1959 – The colours come from the Tudor Kings and Queens of England and Wales who had very strong Welsh heritage.

Leeks & Daffodils

After about 1600 the Daffodil began to be used as a symbol of Wales. The Welsh for ‘leek’ is cenhinen and the term for ‘daffodil’ is cenhinen Pedr, which means ‘St Peter’s leek’. It is thought that the similarity of names caused the daffodil to be used by people who did not fancy pinning a large, smelly leek onto their clothes.