Local goat’s cheese, Medwyn’s tomato, Welsh black truffle & oregano

This recipe was hugely popular on last month's Loft menu says Andy from The Bull - "It’s a vegetarian starter which I love as 99% of the dish is sourced on Anglesey with just the black truffle coming from mid Wales – so 100% Welsh! It packs a punch with some bold flavours and just shows a bit of fun to the customers as the goat’s cheese is dipped in a tomato liquid to change the appearance into a tomato".


Serves 4
Goat’s cheese

Whip all of these together and leave to firm in the fridge weigh into 30g balls and set again in the fridge.

Tomato essence

Blitz all together and leave to strain through a muslin cloth.

Add 1 drop of red colouring to this liquid and per 100ml of liquid 5g of vegi-gel (a vegetarian setting agent).

Bring to the boil and cook for 2 minutes the vegi-gel is now activated. Leave to cool for a minute as would melt the cheese at this tempreture insert a cocktail stick in the cheese and dip into the tomato mix and leave on a tray to set. If it has not got a nice shine to it you can repeat the process but you want a nice thin layer of jelly. Serve with chopped local tomatos simply tossed in a tomato vinegar and halen mon, slices of home grown radishes and locally grown oregano all dressed in a small amount of the truffle oil. And finally finshed with a grating of the welsh black truffle.